Summoning Demons

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Aleister Crowley, had at the time, a unique view of the Goetic demons. Instead of actual entities, he saw them as aspects of a person’s mind, Jung would agree. He believed one could control these aspects through ritualistic preparation. By commanding a specific demon or energy, one would be able to tap into a part of the unconscious mind and access this archetype and possibly gaining occult (hidden) knowledge.

Back in the ‘old’ days (Neolithic to be exact) they drilled holes in your skull to let out the demons, this is called Trepanning. Funny thing they weren’t that far off base as the brain’s temporal lobe is the location of the entry point to the release of “referenced material” from other sections of the brain. This reference material comes in the form of “psychic” or “spiritual” phenomena, out-of-body and near-death experiences, alien abductions, past lives experiences, one’s earlier repressed traumatic memories and the mystical or God experience . . . and seeing demons/angels.

Demonic “presences” are a normal and natural happening to a dis-inhibited temporal lobe, some institutionalized temporal lobe psychotics have daily communications with spiritual entities. Though, it is suggested that if you are experiencing these psycho-pathological disturbances in your normal everyday life, you might consider a psychiatric evaluation.

When Swiss scientists electrically stimulated an epileptic patient’s brain, things got really spooky. The patient reported a shadow person sitting behind her, copying her every move. When she sat up, it also sat up. When she bent forward and grabbed her knees, it reached around her body and held her. The doctors then told her to read a card, but the shadow person tried to take it out of her hand.

What happened was the scientists had stimulated the left temporoparietal junction, the part of the brain that defines the idea of self. By interfering with the area that helps us tell the difference between ourselves and others, the doctors screwed up the brain’s ability to understand its own body, thus leading to the creation of a copycat shadow person. Researchers are hoping this is the key to understanding why so many people, both schizophrenic and healthy, encounter shadow beings and other creatures like aliens.

However, if we are purposely dis-inhibiting the temporal lobe, for instance through ‘prolonged’ ritual work, then we may expect to experience an occasional visitor or two in our chamber. I say ‘prolonged’ because those of us who have earnestly committed to this Work have come to realize that in order to create the conditions that will properly induce communication with some sort of archetypal energy, it is necessary to take on an extremely long, focused, and disciplined process. This process varies from several long focused hours to days and even weeks or months in order to shut off the objective and engage the subjective.

Unfortunately, even after days of ritual work, there is a slim chance of communication. However, not even the most gifted and/or evolved Magi can chirp a few neat Latin or Sumerian words and summon forth anything more than wishful thinking.

To further these ideas one would look into developing a controlled method of disinhibiting the left temporoparietal junction lobe after a prolonged and disciplined preparation for ritual work.


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